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Maastricht UniversityMaster of Health Professions Education Teilzeit Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityThe MaastrichtMBA Teilzeit Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityHealthcare Policy, Innovation and Management VollzeitTeilzeit Maastricht
This programme aims to educate healthcare professionals who can initiate, develop and manage healthcare innovations.
Maastricht UniversityMental Health VollzeitTeilzeit Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityHuman Movement Sciences VollzeitTeilzeit Maastricht
This programme covers all aspects of the relationship between physical activity, health and performance. From patients trying to get better to top athletes aiming for the pinnacle of their sport
Maastricht UniversityWork, Health and Career VollzeitTeilzeit Maastricht
This programme focuses on health and well-being throughout employees' careers. It covers positive aspects of work (e.g.: engagement) and the prevention of negative aspects of work (e.g.: burnout).
Amsterdam UVASoftware Engineering Teilzeit Amsterdam
Software Engineering is a programme about methods and processes of software development.
Maastricht UniversityHealth Education and Promotion VollzeitTeilzeit Maastricht
This programme revolves around developing, evaluating and promoting health education and promotion programmes and policies at individual, community and policy levels.
NHL StendenBusiness Administration Teilzeit Leeuwarden
HANIntensivkurs Niederländisch für Deutschsprachige Teilzeit Nijmegen
Maastricht UniversityInternational Master in Affective Neuroscience Teilzeit Maastricht