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Maastricht UniversityGovernance and Leadership in European Public Health Vollzeit Maastricht
This unique programme gives you the skills needed to look across borders and learn from practices in public health and healthcare elsewhere.
Maastricht UniversityLiberal Arts and Sciences (University College Maastricht) Vollzeit Maastricht
For students who do not want to be limited to a single academic discipline. Liberal Arts & Sciences' UCM offers over 150 courses in almost all academic disciplines. The 3-year programme is in English.
Maastricht UniversityMaster of Health Professions Education Teilzeit Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityForensic Psychology Vollzeit Maastricht
The two-year Master in Forensic Psychology is aimed at developing the skills and knowledge you need to become a scientist-practitioner in the forensic mental health field.
Maastricht UniversityData Science and Artificial Intelligence Vollzeit Maastricht
English programme teaches developing solutions to knowledge problems by collecting, adjusting & enriching information using computer science, applied mathematics, & artificial intelligence.
Maastricht UniversityGlobal Health Vollzeit Maastricht
This programme emphasises the international dimensions of health and disease. It captures the need to work together to tackle health inequalities to improve health around the world.
Maastricht UniversitySystems Biology Vollzeit Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityLiberal Arts and Sciences (Maastricht Science programme) Vollzeit Maastricht
The Maastricht Science Programme offers you the opportunity to create your personal curriculum from a broad offer of courses in the natural sciences.
Maastricht UniversityHuman Movement Sciences VollzeitTeilzeit Maastricht
This programme covers all aspects of the relationship between physical activity, health and performance. From patients trying to get better to top athletes aiming for the pinnacle of their sport
Maastricht UniversityPublic Policy and Human Development Vollzeit Maastricht
The Master in Public Policy and Human Development equips students with a variety of skills, tools and knowledge which enable them to work as policy designers and policy analysts.
Maastricht UniversityEpidemiology Vollzeit Maastricht
Epidemiology focuses on the occurrence, the distribution and the determinants of health and disease, and on the methods that can be used to study these phenomena.
Maastricht UniversityPsychology Vollzeit Maastricht
Introduces students to the approaches and methodology of psychology, with a dual focus on cognitive & biological psychology. Psychology is a three-year programme taught in English and Dutch.
Maastricht UniversityHealthcare Policy, Innovation and Management VollzeitTeilzeit Maastricht
This programmes aims to educate healtcare professionals who can initiate, develop and manage healthcare innovations.
Maastricht UniversityEuropean Public Health Vollzeit Maastricht
Der englischsprachige Studiengang European Public Health (EPH) untersucht die Gesundheit and das Gesundheitswesen aus einer internationalen und europäischen Sichtweise.
Maastricht UniversityHealth Education and Promotion VollzeitTeilzeit Maastricht
This programme revolves around developing, evaluating and promoting health education and promotion programmes and policies at individual, community and policy levels.
Maastricht UniversityHealth Sciences Vollzeit Maastricht
Der Gesundheitswissenschaften ist breit gefächert und auf Gesundheit, die Gesundheit beeinflussenden Faktoren und die Maßnahmen ausgerichtet, die wir treffen können, um die Gesundheit zu fördern.
Maastricht UniversityMental Health VollzeitTeilzeit Maastricht
Mental Health focuses on diagnostic skills, intervention strategies & research related to alleviating mental suffering in patients.
Maastricht UniversityWork, Health and Career VollzeitTeilzeit Maastricht
This programme focuses on health and well-being throughout employees' careers. It covers positive aspects of work (e.g.: engagement) and the prevention of negative aspects of work (e.g.: burnout).
Maastricht UniversityHealth Food Innovation Management Vollzeit Venlo
This programme spans the entire process of food innovation, from biomedical sciences and nutrition, via food law and regulatory aspects, to consumer behaviour, business development and marketing
Maastricht UniversityThe MaastrichtMBA Teilzeit Maastricht
Maastricht UniversityData Science for Decision Making Vollzeit Maastricht
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Maastricht UniversityInternational Master in Affective Neuroscience Teilzeit Maastricht